Marcus Schulz


Pete Thornton

what pete shot

A ‘mostly’ portrait and ‘brief’ interview series by professional photographer Pete Thornton exploring the idea that one image has the power to tell the whole story.

Each ‘sitter’ suggests the next person to be photographed in this series, and thus ensues an interesting and unknown trail of Barossa identities to come.

Stay tuned… Pete

>> Marcus Schulz pictured with his preserved rustic timber and thatched straw roof shed
Barossa unearthed

Marcus Schulz

Last man standing

On his Ebenezer family property ‘Primrose’ where vigneron Marcus Schulz grew up and still lives and works, stands a characterful relic of our past… A rustic timber and thatched straw roof shed.

The hand built old barn, now over 100 years old, still stands thanks to Marcus’s vision to save our history and honour the generations that came before. This beautiful old German barn stands to last another generation or more at least.

About seven years ago, Marcus decided to protect this traditional building from the ravages of sun, wind and rain,
as it was the last of many that had stood on his farm and somehow survived the regime of pulling them down and replacing them with stronger and sturdier galvanised iron sheds.

A great nod to our past and a wonderful gesture by Marcus
to save this slice of history.

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