2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

A car review by Barossa local Lucy Alderton
Lucy taking in the view at Parsons Point, Trial Hill Road

As a busy mum, living in quite a remote part of the Barossa, I spend A LOT of time in the car. Between school drop offs and pick ups, kids sport, play dates, errands, and travel to and from work at my business, Primp Style Co. in Lyndoch, I’m always on the road.

Whatever I’m driving has to be comfortable and it has to be safe! The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ticked both these boxes for me. It handled equally well on the windy bitumen road that I have come to know so well on the 25km drive to school, as on the (not so comfortable) dirt road that takes me the last five km’s home (good suspension is definitely a must out here, unless you want your coffee all over your lap)!

No one likes a back seat driver, but having someone (who isn’t your husband) to let you know when you’ve had a momentary lapse of concentration and are heading off the road/out of your lane, can literally be a life saver! The lane departure warning feature of the Eclipse does just that via short sharp beeps until you’re back on track. For those tailgaters among us, it also alerts you if you’re getting too close to the car in front, and will literally put on the brakes if you’re headed for a collision.

If, like me, parallel parking is not your friend, then a reversing camera is a must! The Eclipse Cross has one. Tick ✔

I’m a sucker for tech features on a car, so I loved the built-in Apple CarPlay function which basically takes the (compatible) apps on your phone (music, contacts, maps, messages, podcasts, audiobooks, Spotify…) and features them on a funky little LCD touch screen, which you can then operate either via the touch screen itself or via a little touch pad (just like on your laptop), which is handily positioned just to the driver’s side of the gear selector. This means you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to switch between making a phone call, listening to ‘Let it Go’ on repeat, or your favourite podcast! My kids love belting out a Taylor Swift song or two on their way to school, so this was a standout feature for them!

Spacious Interior
Apple Car Play comes standard in all models

For a car that honestly doesn’t look that big from the outside, it certainly has more space than expected! I managed to fit both my kids’ car seats in comfortably, with enough space left for a third child, small adult, mountain of school bags, or box of wine (take your pick!) We also made good use of the fold down drink holders in the centre of the back seat – no more spilt drinks – genius!


“When you’re a Mum, boot space is something you can never have enough of!”


Let’s talk about boot space…
When you’re a Mum, boot space is something you can never have enough of! At any given time, I can be driving around with a stroller, boxes of clothes for my shop, a dog, groceries, aforementioned school bags and boxes of wine…the list goes on! I’m confident that I’d be able to fit any combination of these things in the Eclipse Cross, with the adjustable slider allowing you to move the back seat forward to create even more space – a very handy feature!




All in all, the Eclipse looks good, drives well, and has lots of great features that make it not only a very safe option for a small family like mine, but an economical one too…plus, it’s easy to park!


To Steve Ahrens from Lyndoch Motors who very patiently and knowledgeably explained all the major features of the Eclipse Cross to me (and helped to put in the kids’ car seats) before allowing me to take it for a test run – I even returned it without a scratch!


Get in touch with the local team at Lyndoch Motors today to put the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross through is paces…

PHONE 08 8524 4140

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10 things to consider when buying a new car

Buying a new car is big decision for many people, so it goes without saying a ‘big ticket’ item like this is something you want to get right.  Steve Ahrens, Dealer Principal and Dealership owner at Lyndoch Motors, shares his thoughts on the most important things to consider, and why investing a little more time at the start, can make for years of happy travelling in the future.

Know your budget

Be clear and true to yourself on what you can afford without putting pressure on the rest of your finances.

Do your research.

Research the vehicles you are considering, ask yourself lots of questions. Will this car do what I want it to do? Will I (and my family) be comfortable and safe in this car? How long will the car suit my needs? Will my circumstances change in the future? What will be the purpose of the car for 90% of the time I use it? E.g. Buying a 4WD for that wishful ‘trip around Australia’ and setting it up specifically for that type of occasion…. Think about how it will work for the 90% you won’t be travelling and how the vehicle is used for everyday use?

Arranging finance

Upon consideration of finance, be mindful you are getting finance that suits your situation. When comparing finance deals there are a number of things to consider. Often people will compare the rate but there are a number of other things to take into consideration also e.g. establishment fees, account keeping fees and loan protection. This will help compare monthly repayments rather than just going on “the rate”. Mitsubishi now has its own finance arm that offers very competitive loan options.

Are you trading-in? Know the value of your car

Research your trade-in to gain an understanding of its value but remember, it may not be worth the top price you see advertised. Values can vary greatly depending on kilometres, year, condition etc. and just because someone has a vehicle advertised at a particular price, it doesn’t mean that’s what they will get.

Love that car

Once you have made a decision, celebrate the occasion and love the fact that an exciting time is ahead with the new technology and safety features of new cars.

Love the dealer

Buying a car is a major decision so make sure you are comfortable with the salesperson and dealership you’re dealing with… These are the people you need to be there to help you in the future.

Don’t rush the decision

Think about what has transpired and the discussions you have had with the salesperson. Be clear in your own mind that you’re happy with the decision process. Don’t be pressured in to a decision.

Take another test drive / Ask more questions

Ask lots of questions, it’s the sales person’s job to make sure you are comfortable with the whole process.

Inspect your new car before you leave the dealership

The salesperson should be spending at least an hour with you for the handover process, making sure you’re comfortable with the overall operation and safety features of your new car.

Tell everyone you know how fantastic the dealer was!

Did the salesperson listen to you, ask questions and genuinely understand your needs? Did the salesperson works toward achieving the ideal car for you? Was the salesperson approachable? If you had a positive experience and you were genuinely looked after by the salesperson… tell everyone you know! In todays’ fast paced world, too often we are quick to point out negatives and seldom do we reward people for their positivity… A small step on your behalf but for the dealer, it will go a long, long way.